About us

Afrient media Studios, is a company to recorn with in producing quality digital video, film , photography, graphic design and Website designs. Combining the latest digital technology, artistic approach and computer knowledge.

We’re Afrientmediastudios, a client-focus video production company. And based on our customer satisfaction level, we’re pretty good at it. We’re not like those other video production companies that say hello, hand you a video, and are on their way. We concentrate on the development of a relationship with our clients, creating powerful film and video productions that stay lasting in the minds of the viewers.

Our staff has designed and created production work for companies and educational video production, Our productions for these companies have helped contribute to their long standing successes. We are specialists in providing the highest quality in High Definition digital video production that is specifically catered to your expected outcomes.

We do this using our state of the art exclusive procedure that has our staff immersing themselves into your business model in order to completely understand what makes you tick. The result is a production that is exactly what our clients set out to achieve.
But we’re more than just HD-Corporate video production. We specialize in helping our clients reap the benefits of ever-changing technology. From 3d animation and motion graphics, to “live” television broadcasts, to commercial production, to web design, we can ensure that you get the full package.